Stage One

The first contact impression counts, so make it a good one.

Always advise the debtor that he/she really need to think about his or her decision and that creditors have certain rights to collect their money, with or without their co-operation. This is an extremely effective psychological statement designed to get them wondering what`s going to happen next.

Stage Two

The second most important thing you need to do when speaking with the debtor is to be extremely professional.

Make sure the tone of your voice is serious and the words you use all match, building a credible persona.

Stage Three

Always instil urgency and demand that any payment is to be done immediately, card payment, payment over the phone, immediate bank transfer etc.

To ensure payment quickly you must show strong resolve from the outset, your letters must be direct and to the point. Most debtors believe if they frustrate you long enough, your resolve will weaken.

It is therefore imperative to keep the pressure on at all times until you receive payment. Our exclusive and expertly written letters are a part of the escalation process and are expertly written and laid out so as to have an immediate psychological impact on the receiver.

Stage Four

Always insist that the balance must be paid in full

Don`t let debts get old, the quicker you take action the more likely you are to recover your money. Perform credits checks on people and companies before granting credits terms. (We can assist you with that). Include in your terms and conditions a clause that entitles you, in case of late payment, to recover from the debtor any cost incurred in collecting the debt.

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