Why Choose A Debt Collection Agency

Often many business owners who have unpaid debt or unpaid invoice will think about using a debt collection agency. This is simply because they imagine that the debt collection agency can recover the unpaid debt fairly quickly and simply.

Whilst this sounds like a good idea, businesses are often overwhelmed when a debt collection agency demands a significant upfront fee, and that’s even before the debt collection agency has even agreed to take on the debt!

Add to this the fact that even if they will take on your debt, there is no guarantee that they can – or will – recover the debt any time soon – giving rise to the idea of debt recovery agencies simply taking your money, then doing nothing.

Is There An Alternative To A Debt Collection Agency?

One alternative to a debt collection agency is a solicitor.

Here’s where it gets interesting, because many business owners believe that a solicitors letter – will make the debtor take notice and be keen to repay the debt but the reality is that the business owner gets ultimately nowhere as the debtor will see the solicitors letter and just throw it in the bin – all that time and money invested in a solicitor – and all for nothing!

What Is Better Than A Debt Collection Agency?

So between paying out a hefty fee to a debt collection agency and spending a lot of money for a solicitor – what other option is there, that will work – without costing lots of time and money?

The best choice is to download proven debt collection templates that have been professionally created with over 40 years of experience. The debt collection templates are easy to edit and provide real results – as seen here.

With debt collection templates, you are in the driving seat and you do not need to rely on an expensive and slow-moving debt collection agency or a solicitor. The templates are a complete package that will level the playing field and will result in getting the debtor to take action to repay the debt in a timely manner.

UK DIY Debt Collection provides exclusive, ready-to-use debt collection letters and documents that are cost-effective, high quality and written by experts.

We provide you with the actual letters and tools to collect your own debts. All letters and documents are ready-to-use but also enable full customisation and branding to suit individuals and business needs.

We also include completed CCJ examples just for you to copy.  See Small Claims Courts.

How to get paid Quicker

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