Successful Presenting

Peter Howe, an IT manager shares his feelings about presenting in one of Insider View’s rented meeting rooms:

I have never felt really comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people. When I was at school I would always hide at the back of the class and pray the teacher wouldn’t ask me a question.

Of course, once you leave school and enter the big, wide world of work it is a bit more difficult to hide, especially if you want to get on in a career.

I was 27 when I became an IT Manager, although this was never exactly my dream IT job,

I had found something I was good at and I enjoyed it a lot.

All of a sudden I had many responsibilities and I began to feel like a very professional, capable person. All of this helped to boost my confidence and I was soon offered the role of Training Coordinator for my area.

Not much chance of shying away from public speaking anymore!

My first job was to find a suitable place to hold regular training sessions for new employees.

As there was no suitable space on company premises I began to look for rentable meeting rooms London was the key area to begin my search.

There were a few key requirements I needed from the room. As we employed people from all over the city I decided somewhere within the city centre would probably be easiest for people to find.

SW London has a good transport system in place, frequent buses and a tram running from the north of the city to the city centre. So a central location is ideal.

I need somewhere where the IT was top-notch not some messy cable room in needs of an overhaul.

As an IT professional presenting to other IT people it was imperative that there were not technology glitches in the meeting.

I was assured by Insider Views that all of their meeting rooms were professionally maintained and that all IT and cabling were fully supported by a registered company local to London.

Some people do still choose to arrive by car so I need somewhere with parking, not always easy in the city centre!

The training sessions would generally be for groups of 10 -15 people so I needed to look for good-sized meeting rooms London has many to choose from.

As the company was also willing to provide refreshments for trainees I ideally needed tea and coffee making facilities and perhaps basic kitchen equipment, a fridge, microwave, cups and plates etc.

I often need to photocopy training aids, contracts and forms during a session so some basic administration facilities on-site.would also be useful.

And being able to enter the meeting room early in the morning is an advantage as I can get organised before the trainees arrive.

So there was little old me arranging all this like a pro!

I now hold training sessions every week providing essential training to new employees before they begin work. After a lot of thought and planning.

I am very pleased with my new meeting rooms London based. Although I still sometimes get butterflies before the session begins I am confident I know my job inside out, and being comfortable in my surroundings helps to put me at ease.

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